Sello verde de verdad para BDO en Colombia

BDO in Colombia has been awarded this seal, which is a first step on the path to becoming a carbon-neutral company.

The fight against climate change is a top strategic priority for BDO worldwide, which is why a key commitment to environmental care was established: to be Net Zero by 2050 or earlier, meaning reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

In response to this global call from our firm, we established a partnership with CO2Cero, a leading Colombian company in innovative climate change mitigation and adaptation actions. With their support, we calculated our carbon footprint and obtained the Green Seal of Truth certification in the 'Seed' category. This certifies us as an organization that includes its corporate commitment to environmental preservation in its sustainability strategy.

For the carbon footprint calculation exercise, we used the Corporate Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol Corporate Standard). Three scopes impacting greenhouse gas emissions were measured: the first involved refrigeration and fire extinguisher gas leaks, the second was energy consumption, and the third encompassed outsourced air and land transportation, water consumption, printing input usage, and waste disposal.

Measuring this carbon footprint helps us identify the actions and strategies we need to implement as a company to offset and mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions.

Additionally, to further reduce BDO's carbon footprint in Colombia, we will implement other tree-planting actions as compensation and provide training for our employees to strengthen environmental awareness within our teams.

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