Octubre, mes de la Ciberseguridad

The ongoing digital transformation has compelled companies to increasingly plan their strategies and take proactive measures to address technology-related challenges. Consequently, cybersecurity has become one of the central concerns for both organizations and individuals as they look to the future.

October is recognized as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, offering an excellent opportunity to revisit the key opportunities, challenges, and trends in this ever-evolving sector. In a world where issues related to cybersecurity are continuously growing, and digitalization is on the rise, emphasizing this topic in discussions is far from a waste of time.

The prevalence of cyberattacks and the economic consequences they bring have grown substantially. Protecting data, mitigating related risks, and educating various teams have become essential requirements for all types of companies.

The commemoration of this month began in 2004, when the U.S. Congress declared October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to raise awareness of this issue. Since then, various countries and organizations have joined this initiative.

So far, more than 60% of companies have experienced at least one cyberattack since their inception. Many of these problems stem from human errors and could have been prevented through the use of proper security practices.

Cybersecurity concerns everyone, from individual users to large corporations. Given the constant evolution of attack strategies used by cybercriminals, the role of organizations as promoters of this topic is crucial.

Through our IT Advisory team at BDO in Colombia, we support organizations in safeguarding their business, mitigating IT-related risks, and protecting data.

To further our efforts in promoting awareness, education, and training in cybersecurity and its core aspects, we will be sharing specialized content and informative material throughout October, suitable for both users and organizations.

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