InmersiΓ³n de la nueva tecnologΓ­a: web 3.0

The future for businesses, in terms of technologies, is based on web 3.0 and blockchain; these innovations require a series of regulations and regulatory compliance to protect the data, smart contracts, and the economy of those involved, in order to increase the legitimacy of the business and prevent misuse.

However, like any emerging technology, the main challenges are cybersecurity, the learning curve required for investment, and the necessary infrastructure to support technological advancements," says Guillermo Grimaldo, Partner of Advisory and Digital Transformation leader at BDO in Panama. "My recommendation to entrepreneurs is, first and foremost, education and training. Training teams and leaders on these technologies and promoting an understanding of these concepts will be essential for the adoption of web 3.0. Evaluating the impact and opportunities that can be provided in your industry and business model, identifying these opportunities, and analyzing the possible benefits and risks associated is key in any innovation. Finding the right partner, a trusted provider who not only knows about the technology but can also advise on other aspects such as the tax implications this could have on various business models, complying with regulations," says Grimaldo.

One of the main characteristics of web 3.0 is the technical use of advanced tools in artificial intelligence and machine learning, which allows machines to understand, analyze, and learn from available data. This enables processing a large amount of data, reducing errors, and automating repetitive tasks, thereby improving process cost and increasing profitability.

In this regard, Grimaldo ensures that transforming data into money is crucial, "understanding the behavioral patterns of each of your customers; transforming the company into a Data-Driven company; making decisions based on data that support business strategy and vision." Information obtained from this exercise allows understanding the customer, analyzing their behavior patterns, and leveraging this information to make a significant impact within any industry.

Therefore, it is important to mention that migrating to these types of technologies is essential for the performance of each organization, as it seeks advanced tools to automate processes in order to understand, analyze, and learn from the data they generate. For this reason, at BDO, we want to be your strategic ally and provide solutions based on the needs of each organization.

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