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¡Discover the fascinating world of innovation at the BDO Innovation and Transformation Center in Colombia!

We take pride in being pioneers in fostering creativity and continuous progress. From initiatives that bring together the brightest professionals to our specialized Service Lines focused on driving creative processes that spark divergence and convergence in products, services, and processes, we are committed to creating impactful solutions.

Can you imagine turning ideas into reality? At our center, we bring your visions to life by developing innovative tools that incorporate cutting-edge technologies like Low Code, RPA, BPM, Chatbot, Generative AI... It's time to transform tomorrow today!

Join us on this exciting journey towards the future. Together, we will shape the innovation the world needs!

Let us empower your creativity! At BDO, ideation is at the heart of our creative process. Our expert team is ready to design and facilitate ideation and creativity workshops, providing you with innovative solutions for your organization's challenges.

Power up innovation with our Knock Out Committee! It's the key to stimulating creativity and disruptive thinking in teams seeking different and functional results. We invite our professionals to think 'outside the box' and generate innovative ideas that drive the success of the ideas, initiatives, and projects you have.

Our innovation initiatives are meticulously managed to ensure tangible benefits. From cost savings to operational efficiencies and stronger risk management. Trust us to lead your company towards a more profitable and efficient future!


Discover our formula for success! With SCRUM guidance and Agile practices, we ensure rapid and quality value delivery. Let's build a successful future together!

At our Innovation Center, we don't just stop at creation and ideation. We accompany the entire process, from project definition to quality assurance and final product delivery to stakeholders. Your success is our priority!

At BDO, we understand that communication and dissemination are key to driving innovation. That's why we actively support and promote the adoption of new services and products, fostering an innovative culture that propels us towards success together.




BDO on Time: Record, control, and measure the productivity of your team and company activities with BDO On Time. Accessible from the web, mobile, and Microsoft Teams. It's very user-friendly!

BeTIC: In the era of Chatbots, ChatGPT, and Gemini, a user-friendly Chatbot arrives to assist you with questions and procedures related to Payroll updates and Technology Services in your Organization. Simplify your inquiries and processes with BeTIC.


Intelligence Confirm: Revolutionizes auditing! Automate balance confirmations for banks, clients, suppliers, and more. Control the process and track progress via email. Simplify your auditing process with automatic notifications!

#MiHValdía: s a system and mobile application that streamlines the consolidation and updating of information about the employees of our organization. It provides a profile and resume search solution and reduces the time required to identify the human resources needed for a project or bidding process.


BoomerApp: If your Financial and Accounting Team faces monthly issues with centralizing and accounting for Expenses and Reimbursements (such as Travel, Transportation, Food, Lodging, among others), BoomerApp provides a simple, secure, and reliable solution. Accessible from the web or mobile (MS Teams), efficiently manage your Advances and Expense Reimbursement Processes.

API Internal Process AssuranceThe checklists for the BSO service line at BDO Colombia have been causing difficulties in centralizing and organizing information. API arrives to optimize the assurance of internal processes and provide traceability to the deliverables that are part of the deliverables for our clients.


Third-Party BOT: An RPA Bot capable of triggering queries to websites such as the Tax Office, the SuperFinanciera, and other regulatory agencies to collect information in a file and perform various validations.

Invoice Information Processing BOT: An RPA BOT trained with an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) model capable of reading PDF invoice files and processing them by capturing specific fields and recording them in a consolidated file, all in an automated and highly efficient manner. More than 300 invoices processed in 2 minutes.


Legal Easy: The information system that centralizes and consolidates contract and experience certification information in such a way that it is the source of information for use by Legal and Public Procurement Teams

Risk Acceptance Management Flow: the power of a business process manager in an automated process flow that activates, manages, provides traceability, and monitors commitments with clients who require risk assessment and acceptance for their Due Diligence. BDO's Risk Flow enables this and much more.


Purchasing Flow: The control and management of purchases and procurement is a task that can generate rework and wear on purchasing teams and professionals who need to streamline and control this process. Ensure proper and secure management of your purchasing process.

WorkSpace Pro Reserva: The control and management of physical spaces such as desks and offices is a thing of the past. The pandemic and hybrid work have brought the challenge for companies to organize and efficiently assign workstations. WorkSpace Pro Reserva allows you to reserve workstations and control their availability for a specific date. We only need to register the workstation layout, their codes, and your employees will be able to self-manage the reservation of their workstation in your offices.




Our Generative AI demo is an open door to the vast universe of BDO in Colombia. With it, you can not only access information about our services, industries, and partners, but also delve into our publications and additional resources. From informative articles to case studies and featured events, this tool provides you with complete access to everything our firm has to offer. Whether you're researching a specific area of interest or simply exploring what BDO in Colombia can do for you, our Generative AI demo accompanies you every step of the way, providing an interactive and enriching experience.



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