• Quality Management System

Quality Management System

To demonstrate to our clients that the companies of the BDO Colombia Group are in a process of continuous development and change, we have implemented the Quality Management System based on International Standard ISO 9001:2008. This allows us to accredit the quality of the services that we provide, our commitment to the development and efficiency of our employees, and the harmonious growth that we want to have with all our clients.

The BDO Audit S.A. Certificate (C006//1100) covers services of statutory auditing, audits, consulting, oversight and outsourcing in: accounting, finance, tax, internal control, management, information technology and computers, administrative and legal areas.

The certification by BDO Outsourcing S.A.S. (C011/3824) covers services of outsourcing, consulting and advisory in: accounting, payroll, tax, liquid assets, invoicing, loan portfolio, accounts payable, fixed assets, inventory, budget, computer systems, administrative and legal areas.

Quality Policy

BDO Audit S.A.

We are an organization that provides professional services in assurance, consulting, outsourcing, advisory and oversight in accounting, tax, financial, administrative and legal areas. We are committed to meeting the requirements agreed with clients within the ethical, legal and professional framework. To achieve this, we have qualified human resources, a standardized methodology, adequate infrastructure and a quality management system that continuously improves processes for the benefit of our clients, and their organization: staff and shareholders.

Quality Objectives

Provide services in compliance with the contractual requirements, while acting within the legal framework that governs them

Maintain an effective, working, quality management system

Grow effectively and efficiently

Increase staff skills

Use the methodological tools in line with the company's internal guidelines

Physically and logically manage the computer system and technological resources, providing support and advisory in the provision of the service.